In your shoes… dress OR Been there, done that


Just few month after my own wedding I still have fresh memories of all the stress connected with preparations for the W day. If you just got engaged recently (my sincere Congratulations!) you probably already «looking forward» to all the stress which will most surely fall on you, no matter if it is be a small ceremony with a few close friends, or a celebration of the century with 500+ (we’ll dive into ideal places for both types of ceremony in Budapest in our later posts).

In my case, frankly the preparation was quite stress free, except when it came to the dress choice. For some reason I had a strong feeling, that once I get my one and only (the dress we are talking about), all the rest will fall into places. Spoiler alert: that did not quite happen that way…

While the choice of the place happened spontaneously: one day I just ran into a hidden place in the middle of the city, and from that moment on knew that no matter what my wedding will happen there; with the dress pursuit story went for another 8 months, pretty much up until 1 month before the wedding itself. That was quite an emotional roller coaster, at one point I thought to give up and get a dress where the only requirement would be for it — not black, so any H&M peace would fit.

After a few months into a dress hunt, my husband-to-be was already an expert in shapes, styles, price range of dresses in Budapest and before entering into any wedding salon, we already had a plan B, of what to do after it, in case (most often that was actually the case) the dress again was not found. Not that I am too picky or was imagining my perfect dress since I was 7 years old, but I had very simple (well, so I thought) criteria for THE dress: it shouldn’t be white, it shouldn’t look like a ball gown, it should be comfortable to walk in as well as to dance, and it shouldn’t cost the fortune, leaving me being a princess but forcing my wedding buffet to consist of white bread and tuna.

Going crazily through account of every wedding designer I could find, I was looking for options. One sunny afternoon, scrolling the Instagram feed and loosing hope little by little (I did buy the blush dress from HM just in case though), I came across one of the Ukrainian designers, who offered wonderful tailor-made dresses for very affordable price… Like with any true love, you know it when you see it. The dress got many compliments from random people on the streets, and I could not be more proud to wear the dress created by the Ukrainian designer on this very special day.

This was the first brick in the road to opening Skazka Bridal, the second one was laid by my partner, who had similar experience with finding her own wedding apparel in Budapest.

That is why, we started Skazka Bridal with the thought of easing bride’s life, at least a little, at least with a dress…

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